1.What is OSLO?

OSLO is an Indonesian furniture company founded in Jakarta, Indonesia. OSLO was born out of the love for modern and functional design. 

We believe that furnishings are the heart of the room and should be the centerpieces that not only evoke beauty but also play an integral role in the overall design. To bring this vision to life we carefully curate our products, putting ourselves in our consumer’s shoes focusing first on its functionality without compromising on design.

2.Why buy from OSLO?

We believe that our consumers are our main pillar for continued growth and success. We strive to put our consumers first through our commitment to bring the highest value possible by carefully curating our products, delivering goods on time and making sure our products are affordable.

3.Are your items ready stock?

Yes, all items are ready stock, unless stated otherwise in the description box.

4.How do I know the product measurements?

You can find the product measurement in the description box.

5.What should I do if the package I received has problems or defects?

If you have any queries or issues with your order/product and would like to return/exchange the product, simply email us at info@oslodesign.com.

6.Can I exchange sale item(s)?

No, sale items are non-exchangeable.

7.Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not offer International Shipping for the moment.


Yes! We execute projects ranging from small start-ups, cafes, restaurants, home interiors, to open-plan offices for thousands of employees.

Please contact us at info@oslodesign.com for more inquiries.